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Mobile and portable screen for aggregate and soil

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Screening is the separation of any material into different sized products. Material is separated on site by passing it through a vibrating 'screen box' which has a number of different sized screens, which work like a sieve. The end product materials are stockpiled to be used in the building and construction industries. 

The beauty of the mobile screening is that the machine moves to the material rather than the expense of moving the material to the machine, saving time and money. We have been screening for many years and our team are experts in operation and have a strict health and safety protocol when it comes to their work.

We use the Portafill Powertrack 800 for all our screening. A high yield and ultra portable screening plant that is delivered by road to your project site. 

Our screening machine has these features to make your screening process fast and accurate.

Triple conveyor system yielding multiple products (portafill)

Track mounted for ultra-portability around any site

heavy duty screening etc, rocks, concrete or any knarly stuff (powertrack 800)

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