Ellesmere Excavation and aggregate Environmental policy

We care about our environment—our future!

Ellesmere Excavation and Aggregate undertakes to have an annual Environmental Compliance Audit on site to ensure all operational activities are being carried out as per environmental compliance requirements.

Part of our environmental policy also covers Waste Management.​

Ellesmere Excavation and Aggregate manage all activities with concern for our local community and the environment while managing our quarrying operations in a way that will ensure there is no adverse impact on the environment.

Complying with and operate in accordance with the approved resource consent conditions and applicable laws and regulations

Implementing environmental related safe work practices, systems and procedures

Understanding the environmental impact of the materials, plant and equipment we work with

Seeking employee contribution to identifying initiatives to improve environmental performance and contribute to a healthier and safer environment at our site

Working closely with our contractors and subcontractors to ensure they meet our expectations

Monitoring, control and record waste disposal in accordance with the resource consents and statutory requirements to minimise the impact on the environment.

We will achieve this by:

"Looking after our environment—it's key to our future!"

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