aggregate of all shapes & sizes.
we supply the Canterbury region!

Boulders, Shingle, Top course, Base Course and aggregate​

Ellesmere Excavation & Aggregate services

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If your project requires boulders, rocks, top course or base course and/or soak holes, we have the right rock and boulder material for your project. Roads, carparks and foundations, large-scale gabion installation or small scale landscaping design, we have a broad selection of aggregate sizes for most requirements.

We supply Canterbury region and beyond, and because it is our quarry, our prices are very competitive.

Sizes we supply:

2A filter and 2mm turf sand

AP65 to Transit specifications

Boulders (65mm to 120mm) for soak holes

Gabion Boulders/Rocks (120mm to 300mm)

Top Course for roading

Base course for buildings roads and carparks

Ellesmere Aggregate

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