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“We believe in quality work and professional relations for every job we do!” —Sandy

Ellesmere Excavation and Aggregate is a family business owned and operated by Sandy and Leanne Shirtcliff. A consistently high standard of work is the priority and the focus for the team of expert operators both at the quarry and at excavation project sites. 

The motto at Ellesmere is: “we are a team and our team is our family”, and the team of seven coupled with their family spirit is what makes Ellesmere a great company to do business with. 

Doing things right now and into the future is important to Sandy and Leanne. They are creating a legacy for their children, and this is why they are so focused, providing the very best service available to their clients; they want to make sure that their reputation exceeds expectation going forward. 

Looking after the environment is a priority at the river quarry, and because the source material constantly replenishes, the way they attain their material is one of the most friendly to the environment. There are no empty holes to become contaminated after excavation is complete, and where possible the team recycle soil, clay and some concrete.  

Ellesmere Excavation and Aggregate are passionate about protecting the future of the local wildlife and nesting birds and has initiated a process of rodent trapping (ferrets and stoats).

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